WOW ….Where on earth do I start? What a day we had! 

2 years ago I struggled to dance for more than 15 minutes at a time at Robin Windsors class in Wigan where I had gone with my lovely friend Kieranne, hardly surprising as I had severe coronary heart disease at the time!

 Yesterday I not only danced 1 class with Robin I danced TWO… 3 hours of dancing …. Feels like my heart is doing well and its certainly is so, so happy right now.

 I have a squillion thank you’s so please bear with me… my next post will be a “story of the day” and loads and loads of pictures and videos.


  • Kath and Charlotte on board from the first “planning” meeting…a coffee at my house when I said will you help?
  • Charlotte and Sophie the most amazing pair at acquiring prizes, over 100 in fact
  • Callum and the team at Morgan Branding who are responsible for the website anyway but when they were asked “Can I take payments on it” rose to the challenge and made my website consumer friendly
  • Josh at Morgan Branding for his designs and setting this up, Alex for her patience and helping me all along the way with promotion…and coming on the day photographing and videoing…They did an amazing job
  • Culcheth Sports Club who actually donated the Venue hire fee back to the British Heart Foundation and joined in the dancing behind the bar!
  • My long-suffering husband Malcolm and Kath’s Husband lugging stuff around and manning the door, dishing our wrist bands and getting forms signed.
  • Clair, Sandra and Elaine on the fundraising stalls
  • Angie who travelled so far to be my help, do “stuff” I needed and MC so I could dance
  • the DANCERS and SPECTATORS who came along, joined in and I hope enjoyed…
  • and to the wonderful Robin who despite arriving at Euston at 8am and ALL the trains being cancelled ran around train stations in London to try and find a route up North and eventually made it against the odds ..You truly are a star


THANK YOU THANK YOU we have raised over £2000 I will post the exact amount when I have finished totting up.