What’s a Normal Weekend?

A normal weekend? What is that? I’m not sure they exist! 

A weekend which makes me happy however does exist and being grateful for a weekend when “normal” things happen which bring happiness are to be cherished…

So how did mine start?

Well… with a snooze on Friday afternoon…it was a rest – NOT a defeatist thing and not a “waste of time” I was building up my energy as I had two extremely important visitors for a sleep over due to arrive…and to make matters interesting I was flying solo as Malcolm (my OH) had made the decision to set off for his golf trip on Friday evening-good decision – he has a virus, the weather was awful and it was important he was at the venue in time for the World Cup Rugby Semi Final!!

I admit I was concerned … 2 small children overnight!! ….as anyone who has experienced OHS knows confidence can be an issue…and it certainly is for me.

So the dynamnic duo …my grandchildren, arrived about 630 and we played the usual games… for Oscar building a complicated Brio track with Gardar (Malcolm) and for Archie upstairs to switch the light on and off on the bathroom mirror!!

There is nothing quite like cuddling a 16 month old while he has a bottle and drops off to sleep…it makes my heart burst..He has been poorly this week and there have been two trips to A & E while he struggled with his breathing watching him sleeping peacefully is a joy and a blessing.

Oscar is growing up so quickly and once Gardar had left to collect Uncle Cal Cal he sat and chatted while he coloured and Nanny caught up on  “Strictly : It Takes Two” 🙂

An early night was on the cards but I thought Archie would wake in the night… I did wake a number of times just to check they were both OK each time they were sleeping peacefully. So the only person who didn’t have full nights sleep was Nanny!

Once they had gone home the sofa, my knitting (I finished Oscars Father Christmas hat) and the rest of “Strictly: It Takes Two” was calling and a snooze was inevitable… wasn’t long before Joshua was back to study in the kitchen. Love it when my chicks return 🙂

Late afternoon came around and Cousin Sandra and Tony arrived with healthy Salmon and greens..Tony put on his “chefs hat” which was lovely as I had no energy and we settled in for Tea, Strictly, Lemon and Honey, and chat!

Going to bed I suddenly remembered the clocks went back this made me  ridiculously happy!

Sunday morning I met up with my “oldest” friends a group of very special ladies I went to school with and have remained close to forever…in fact Sara and my mums were on the same ward under the same consultant (Mr Mills) back in December 1957…astonishing. We had a photo shoot and coffee, I always feel so happy and secure with these ladies, I am so blessed to have them in my life. When you have a major health issue its interesting how different friends react and this crew were and still are amazing ♥️

So a “normal” weekend… I think this one was pretty special…

  • precious time with family and friends
  • creativity
  • guilt free R & R (I’m learning…)
  • and as I write this Monday morning the sun is shining and England in Autumn is in it full glory

A Good to Be Alive Day