Please don’t blame the Pangolin…the World has Changed

The other night I was feeling a little down, so I had a word with myself! We are currently well, my cupboards are getting sorted, the garden looks amazing and my wonderful children shop for us and keep an “eye on us”.

I am not classified as needing to “shield” but nonetheless we are not allowed (by the family) to “put ourselves at risk” and the worst part about this is that includes HUGS… I am very tactile and I miss hugs especially from my grandchildren.

I started to write, and the result is below. It made me fell a little better I hope it does the same for you.

On a side note I love Pangolins and teh Cape Pangolin is native to South Africa and the most trafficked mammal in the world 🙁

Life has changed:   Please don’t blame the Pangolin…


It’s not about the same things

It’s about the things we miss..

The hugs, the high fives, the casual coffees we took for granted

We said “Hi”, We hugged, We randomly kissed on the cheek

We can’t

We shouldn’t


We popped out for stuff

We popped to the shops

We popped round to friends and to our family

We hugged…

We didn’t even think it may be taken away…

And it was

We can’t

We shouldn’t


Now we Zoom

We Facetime

We WhatsApp

We walk

We exercise to keep healthy

We Stay Home to Stay Safe

We worry

What’s happening to the world we knew?

You can’t

You shouldn’t


The scientists are working hard

“we are all in this together”

The journalists aren’t mathematicians

They don’t understand

They twist the words of Prof Chris and Sir Patrick

They make me so angry

I can’t

I shouldn’t


Boris is recovered

A new generation a new born

We need to be optimistic

Pessimism drains and kills hope , so

Don’t say can’t

Don’t say shouldn’t


They have tried their best

Who knew?

Who could ever have predicted that a virus

Potentially from the beautiful Pangolin, would challenge the most brilliant minds in the world?

They won’t say can’t…they’ll keep thinking to find a solution

They will say it shouldn’t have happened

If Pangolins been left alone

Not given mystical charms, crazily suggested,

an innocent animal…

they never claimed to have magic in the first place


Some day in the future


We will fly

We will travel

We will sit in a theatre

We will dance together

We will hug

We will have coffee

We will meet with friends

We will “high five”

We may not kiss a stranger on the cheek

We may not hug on a random meet

but someday (hopefully soon)

We will hug our grandchildren

We will hug our children

We will hug our friends


We will still say “I’m sorry I can’t”

We will still say “I’m sorry I shouldn’t”


because we are British and we apologise even when its essential for survival


So, we do our “bit”

We clap

We pray

We make scrubs

We make PPE

We create hope

We cry and we say


Stay safe

Stay well


All the time thinking please protect our wonderful NHS

don’t let it drown in cases

and together we will do our best to beat Covid -19


One day we won’t think I can’t

We won’t think I shouldn’t

We will look forward to a happy , different but fulfilled life

It will be a new normal

 and then we know we are “on the other side…”