New Year, New Me

Its already 2nd January and I am determined 2019 is not going to be a reflection of 2018…although I intend reflecting on all the “stuff” that was happening “this time last year” so that I can truly believe how far I have progressed…not least because as I sit and type I’m fairly sure I do not feel as “fit and well” as I did the time last year. Which is weird as I fully expected to be fixed….a very dangerous word.

So today i was “up and at ’em” i have spent most of the day at my desk doing normal “work” things…something I have struggled with since the op… so this is a very positive start…I do have  slight issue with a medium bruise on my right arm and an inability to straighten it properly, not sure whats going on but I can ask Mel my lovely cardio physiotherapist in the morning.

on the “this time last year” front I was about to have my angiogram and find out if my arteries could be stented, something neither Dr Neil Davidson nor Dr Jaydeep Sarma were optimistic about, so I was well and truly on a heart journey but still blissfully unaware of the implications so my head was firmly stuck in some sand waiting to hear if i needed a “routine” heart bypass operation!