Just going to put this here…

and maybe just maybe I may abide by it!   

Rest… its s funny thing. We ( well I) see the need to rest as a weakness, my body is failing me, I’m not strong enough, I’m dipping out, I’m missing out, I’m quitting, I’m giving up…all sorts of things go through my mind 

When I was first diagnosed with  hyperparathyroidism it was marvellous to have a proper label to put on the extreme fatigue and need for an afternoon nap. Post CABG for days I slept most of the time, for weeks I napped 2 or 3 times a day, for months I napped in the afternoon. Now I HAVE to “pace” myself I have to think about my activities, I have to opt out of stuff I’d love to do, and that is not my nature! I have to seriously consider how much I can do in a day…if Im out in the evening I must nap in the afternoon/early evening or else I feel dreadful. I find myself getting anxious if I know I have too much on and this is obviously not ideal.  

But I am getting so much better at this, again not ideal ….but back to this “new normal” it involves napping! The massive plus is I have a great excuse to catch up on my favourite boxed sets, it makes me stop and rest..but then again I never catch up as I fall asleep 😂  

I wanted to know if Napping was quitting or helpful and actually your body healing or protecting itself or both. Interestingly I found this article published just weeks ago in September.

“Daytime napping 1–2 times a week may benefit heart health. Taking a daytime nap once or twice a week may halve the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heartattacks, strokes, and heart failure. New research suggests that napping during the day could protect heart health, after all.” 11 Sep 2019

This is from new research published in the BMJ on September 9, 2019 

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So my final thoughts are listen to your body and when you need to… NAP….it’s not quitting, it’s resting and protecting our hearts 🙂