I’m Soooo Excited!!!

I’m soooo excited!!


Anyone who knows me knows that dancing is my passion…watching it, reading about it, talking about it and doing it!! Any time, any place, anywhere!!


2 years ago I met and had a group dance lesson with wonderful Robin Windsor see “My Story: the Long Road to diagnosis Part 2”… I couldn’t keep up…I was gutted, frustrated, disappointed…


I had the pleasure of meeting Robin again during his farewell tour last year, I vowed I would one day do another of his fabulous classes and that day is Sunday 8thMarch 2020. Whether I’ll be able to keep up or not is another matter of course!!


Not only am I going to fulfil one of my post CABG goals but you too can join in!!


Robin will be teaching 2 90-minute class (more if there is a demand) at The DATEN Sports and Social Club in Culcheth, Warrington. The DATEN are sponsoring part of the room hire which is fab – u – lous.


It’s our local Sports and Social Club and sadly where my Father in law suffered a fatal heart attack playing cricket back in 1977, he was just 51…


So, with that in mind, and my family history, the British Heart Foundation will benefit from our fun. All profits and fundraising on the day will go to the BHF to support us “Hearties”, the families and of course the essential research BHF have been doing since their inception in 1961 up until now and to the future.