Happy birthday to me!!!!

Feeling Grateful…. Such a lucky Lady… 2 years ago I was in denial and didn’t really celebrate my significant birthday the way I had thought I would… I hadn’t appreciated that my LAD could give up its fight with the blockages at any point I was very tired 😥


Now I am fighting fit… and enjoying my Birthday to its full extent!! 


Last night middle son Callum took me for a birthday treat to The Ice Bar in Manchester, another bar for a glass of Champagne then to an Escape Room – something I have wanted to do forever..it was brilliant! Next stop was Mowgli an Indian Tapas bar and finally the Casino for another glass of Champagne – Laurent Perrier this time – bought with the Casinos birthday credit! Sadly I didn’t win on the Roulette… But all in all a lovely evening.


Today I have been blessed with cards and good wishes, and some lovely gifts from my fabulous friends. But most of all I have my health, I have my blips, my heart rate (now generally minus beta blockers) will go randomly wild.. which I can’tdeny is scary, but I have spare Beta blockers and my sprayand I know our amazing NHS is always close by.


This year I have achieved some amazing things as the song goes “with a little help from my friends” ( and family of course… I will reflect on those later as just now Im off out for lunch and then to see my gorgeous grandsons, later a couple of glasses of my favourite tipple with my nearest and dearest…see how I’ve paced myself?? I think I’ve accepted I wont be in our local cocktail bar later that’s a bit much!!!