Getting Fit Again

Thursday 3rd January…a nothing kind of day weather wise but for me the sun was shining and the air envigorating…I was off to the gym for my cardiac rehab with the lovely physios at the Alexandra Hospital.

Excited about treadmills, bikes and rowing machines, comfortable and confident as I knew my heart would be monitored properly and I could push and make it work again…

Slightly concerned about the “funny lump” at the base of my sternum, I gritted my teeth expectong some pain while the belt was strapped on to monitor my heart. Surprisingly it was very comfortable, the belt somehow supporting my sternum…result!

The session was GREAT!! Heart rate up to 115 (my target rate) on each exercise although we missed it on one occassion because my super duper heart recovered quickly. In fact we discussed how quickly it recovered back to 70/80 and even to my beta blacker induced 60ish.

Apparantly this means “next time” we are going harder!! 

I did have one “wobble” when i felt dizzy…turns out blood pressure was low…something I have been concerned about as since the increase in medication in September when my Blood pressure went up its not been “professionally” checked since.

But I bounced out of the season feeling so positive, so different than when I came out of the Alex in a wheel chair post op.

I was so bouncy I called at the Trafford Centre on the way home!!!